The Choo-Ha cenote

interior cenote choo ha

Located a few minutes from Coba you have the wonderful cenote Choo-Ha. Do you know its meaning? For those who don’t know it, here is how to decipher it: dripping water.

This is because, like many other cenotes found in the Yucatan Peninsula, it has stalactites inside that appear to be constantly falling liquid.

It is one of the 3 cenotes of the Coba route, along with the Multum-Ha and Tankach-Ha cenote. If you want to see them all, it will be easy as there is very little distance between them.

Subway cenotes

A visit to the subway cenotes is a must during your visit to Coba. Close to the archaeological site, they will allow you to have a full day or two to enjoy with your loved ones. Access to the cenotes costs approximately 100 Mexican pesos.

After spending great moments in Coba, we recommend you to finish your vacation in one of the all-inclusive Cancun hotels, just 30 minutes away from Tulum.

The Multum Ha cenote

Another of the most incredible cenotes in Coba is the Multum-Ha cenote, which in Mayan language means hill of stones. It is one of the three subway cenotes that you will find on the route to Cobá. It is located at a depth of almost 18 meters. It is also recommended to visit the archaeological site of Cobá, which is only 8 kilometers away.

You will be able to see inside thanks to the crack in the ceiling of the cavern through which the light filters in. The water inside is transparent, allowing you to see the base full of rocks and fish swimming freely. The activities that await you are snorkeling, infinity swimming, diving and much more.

It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, as well as a swimsuit and a change of clothes. You can bring your own snorkeling equipment, and above all use special sunscreen to avoid polluting this natural site.

Tankach-Ha Cenote

You must also visit another of the beautiful cenotes of Cobá, the one called Tankach-Ha. This one is not as deep as the previous one, at 17 meters below ground level. It is considered one of the young type cenotes, since it is still surrounded by a large vault and is inside the earth.

To see inside you will have to go down some stairs and then walk down others in the form of a snail, a descent that you will surely remember. As you walk down to its depths you will observe the stalactites and stalagmites while noticing the change in temperature.

When you arrive you will see the reason for its name ”deep waters”, since its waters are about 35 meters deep. You will be able to swim, snorkel and of course jump, a great experience that is recommended to do when you get to Cobá.

Natural wells

As it could not be otherwise, in addition to these cenotes, you can visit so many others that are scattered throughout the area of Quintana Roo. For example, do you know what awaits you in the cenote house? another wonderful excursion that you can plan for a few days of your summer vacation.

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