The Islands of Quintana Roo

The Islands of Cancun.

Vacationing on an island is an exotic   and attractive offer that arouses interest in everyone., when we think of an island, the images that come to mind are those of a paradise of sun, sand and sea, exotic drinks prepared on the shore of the beach adorned with a small sobrilla while enjoying the lullaby of the waves.  of crystal-clear waters, traveling to an island is therefore, vacationing in style, forgetting about everything and enjoying life.

In Mexico there are many islands, but there are few that contain the exact combination of the following  of exotic landscapes and infrastructure capable of providing the pleasures of a good vacation, if we also add to that the good climate, culture and the smile on the face of its people.  the options are further reduced. However, there is an area of our country where all this and much more is possible, of course we are talking about the Caribbean, and here we leave you a list of the most important islands in the Mexican Caribbean so that on your next visit you will not hesitate to enjoy the pleasure of the most beautiful islands of Mexico.

Cancun, the first of the Caribbean Islands.


Cancun is such a paradisiacally beautiful place with such an impressive hotel infrastructure that sometimes it is impossible not to forget certain details about its grandeur and unquestionable beauty. One of these sometimes overlooked details is that Cancun is actually the first of the Caribbean islands, a kind of key of about 25 kilometers long that joins the mainland at both ends, the one at Nizuc point, with its calm and beautiful waters  and the other, that of the calinda bridge, with its breathtaking view and the architecture of Oasis Palm that completes a landscape in which modernity and nature merge.  that describes in a single image all that Cancun is, a true paradise on earth.

The beautiful Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres

Mexico dawns in Isla Mujeres, and even the sun wants to wake up in the Caribbean, the rays of the sun arrive first to this small corner of the country to announce the new day surrounded by the most exuberant beauty. This island, located just 13 kilometers from Cancun and consecrated to the Mayan goddess Ixchel in pre-Hispanic times, contains  everything from vestiges of the Mayan civilization to the south, to beautiful luxury hotels on its northern beaches, the transportation from the mainland by ferry is extremely pleasant.  and accessible and is without a doubt a “must” for any vacationer staying in Cancun, When you come to Oasis don’t forget to schedule a visit to the island where our country opens its eyes every day.

Cruceros_Cozumel_02 (1)
Cozumel, the island of cruise ships.


Mexico’s third largest and second most populated island is also a vacation paradise visited by millions of tourists each year, the country’s most important cruise port and a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Cozumel  is the third largest island in territory after Shark Island and Guardian Angel  Island, both located in the Sea of Cortez and uninhabited protected natural areas.

This beautiful island, on which is located the easternmost point of the Mexican Republic, called “Punta Molas”, is located. receives about 400 cruise ships each year that carry about one million visitors and generate an annual revenue of about US$250 million, Cozumel is, only behind the Virgin Islands, the most important cruise port according to the FCCA, a paradise that can be reached directly by plane or by ferry from the also beautiful (but mainland) Playa del Carmen.


a, Caribbean   Islands: Contoy

Located approximately 30 km north of Isla Mujeres, this small corner of Mexico is home to some of Mexico’s most important 150 different species of birds, which is why it is also known as the island of birds, as well as some 250 different species of fish, 98 species of fauna and even 3 species of sea turtles considered to be in serious danger of extinction live there. In the 1960s it was declared a protected territory, and later, in 1998, it was declared a national park, thus contributing to its preservation, can only be visited by about 200 tourists every day, if your idea of adventure is close to ecotourism you will definitely want to visit this magical place in the Caribbean.



It is a small island    located in the extreme north of the state and part of the ecological reserve Yum Balam, to access by sea you must reach the Port of Chiquilá, where you can take the ferry to cross the lagoon in a journey of about 20 minutes.

When you arrive to this beautiful island everything is simply paradise, ideal place for rest get ready to forget about everything  , the phone, cars, paved streets, get ready to change your city routine to feel the freedom of of the main attractions of this place is the sighting of the The largest fish in the world, the whale shark, an animal as relaxed as the island of which it is the emblem and which, like Holbox, you will never forget.

 Of course there are many more islands in the Mexican Caribbean, Isla Contoy, Banco Chinchorro, Isla la Pasión, Boca Iglesias, Cayo Cotuna among others. However, the ones we present here are the ones that may genuinely interest you as a tourist, book at Oasis as soon as possible and plan your vacation to know one of the best kept treasures of Mexico, the fabulous islands of the Mexican Caribbean in Quintana Roo.

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