The surprising becomes everyday


Cancun by night

Sometimes the surprising becomes everyday and by dint of repetition, the extraordinary becomes habitual;The first time I came to Cancun I was already an adult so I know that the impact of driving along the Kukulkan Boulevard for the first time was not that of the child who is easily amazed, or maybe yes, I do not know, I remember clearly not only the impressive of crossing the hotel zone at night and observe hundreds of hotels, each one more beautiful than the other, but also the majesty of everything that surrounds this city and in particular the tourist corridor located in this kind of island that has as sentinels 7 lagoons that form the Nichupté system, a natural beauty only overshadowed by the impressive color of the Caribbean Sea that, on the other side of the road, accompanies this strip where architecture merges with nature and creates a unique and unrepeatable landscape, not only in Mexico but in the world.

Let the everyday not blur the scenery

For the Cancunenses this impressive beauty, the natural and the man-made, is often forgotten by the everyday life, walking the Boulevard over and over again often leads us to lose the ability to wonder and we forget that, if we pass by the Calinda Bridge (right next to Oasis Palm) we simply raise our heads in any direction, the exceptional beauty of the landscape captivates even the most discouraged, on one side the turquoise sea with its many shades of blue, which right here in Cancun has the intensity that the rest of the Mexican Caribbean envies, or on the other side the lagoon, with its mangroves and its channel where everyone fits, the one who fishes, the one who swims, the one who rides his yacht, the one who simply contemplates and realizes the exotic and impressive beauty of this, our city.


Oasis Palm

That is why whenever I have the opportunity, when I pass by Calinda I like to see the sea, I like to see on a clear day Isla Mujeres in the background, or the ship Captain Hook, replica of a Spanish galleon that contrasts with the modern architecture of the buildings of Oasis Palm, with that pink as Mexican as its concept and with a color and tranquility on the beach that invites you to feel relaxed and remember that as the song says, that in the sea life is tastier, and if the sea is Cancun, even more so.


Stunning beauty of Oasis Palm

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