The town of Naica in Chihuahua

Naica Cave in Mexico

One of the destinations of mining origin that you can discover during your visit to Mexico is Naica. Surprise yourself with the cave of crystals, one of the treasures found by chance that we already mentioned along with the Sac Antun cenotes.

Naica, Mexico

You may not have heard of this natural treasure yet. The town of Naica is located in the state of Chihuahua, specifically in the north of the state. It is part of 67 other municipalities that make up the state, but it is not one of the largest. If you decide to visit its attractions, you have to step inside Quinta Gameros, Chihuahua.

The caves of Naica

It is essential to know about it if you are one of those who love to discover new destinations, surprising places and want to be blown away. The Naica cave is no less than 300 meters deep. In its interior the selenite crystals stand out above anything else.

These stones also called ”moonstone” refer to this satellite with its muted but bright colors, which turn the place into an otherworldly setting.

Thanks to mining operations, this cave was discovered accidentally in the 18th century. But the big claim was undoubtedly when years later speleologists came across selenite crystals in this cave, although it was not the only one they found.

Naica crystals

The crystals or formations are of great size, reaching up to 14 meters. The workers who go inside seem minuscule compared to the lunar-like stones.

Also surprising is the temperature of the place: extreme temperatures of up to 50 degrees are reached. This is why the specialists studying the cave need to wear special suits.

They are currently believed to be the largest crystals ever found anywhere in the world. Today it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The caves of Naica

Do you want to know the names of the other caves discovered in Naica? First we will mention the cave of swords, not as deep as the cave of crystals. Although the crystals and temperature also stand out, it is not the most impressive.

Also located in the site is the cave of the candles, the smallest of them all. The low temperature and therefore the formations that were formed have the shape of sails. Lastly, mention must be made of the Queen’s Eye Cave, named for its appearance of an eye socket.

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