Tour to Txaco


Taxco Tour

This town of slopes and cobblestone roads will make you fall in love with it. In addition to its beauty, it is famous for its silver production, which makes it one of the oldest mining towns in the Americas.

Built in colonial times, its stories, legends and architecture will captivate you. Come and visit the magical town of Taxco.

Touring Taxco de Alarcón, Mexico

Taxco is relatively close to Mexico City, so if you are traveling around the country it wouldn’t hurt to extend your trip and take a few tours of Mexico City. Visit a large part of this wonderful territory and don’t miss any of the must-see places.

  • Santa Prisca Church in Taxco
  • Cacahuamilpa Caves
  • The Mines of Taxco
  • Casa Borda in Taxco
  • Museum of Viceroyal art in Taxco
  • Mirador de Cristo Monumental
  • Museo William Spartling
  • Blue wells of Taxco


Santa Prisca Church in Taxco

Santa Prisca Church Tour

This church is the most important in the city. It is built with a beautiful pink stone that seems to glow when the light hits it.

It is possible that at some point it will be considered a World Heritage Site, since the surrounding area has been recognized as such since 2001.

It is striking how narrow it is, since it is said that at the time of construction, there was no space for the elements to be larger and more separated.


Cacahuamilpa Caves of TaxcoTour of the caves in Taxco

Visited by many tourists and experts in the field, the caves of Cacahumilpa are amazing. It is a gallery divided into 19 rooms formed by stalactites and stalagmites.

Concerts have been held inside, making it an experience worth enjoying.

The Mines of Taxco

As we were telling you, this mining town is known for its silver production. They are a tourist attraction in Taxco.

Casa Borda in Taxco

It is currently a cultural center, where works of art and other artistic presentations are exhibited.

It was built during the year 1759, at the same time that the church of Santa Prisca was built. The curiosity of this building is its architecture: more floors came out from the back than from the front.

Museum of Viceroyal art in Taxco

The museum houses the works that were discovered in the basement of the church of Santa Prisca. It is also known as the Humbold house, named after the German explorer. Here you can learn about the objects and history of Taxco.

Mirador de Cristo Monumental

Tour to the Monumental Christ, Taxco

The viewpoint of Cristo Monumental is the most important and beautiful of Taxco, located on the hill of Atache. The figure that gave it its name is 3 meters high.

Climb up using the transport of your choice and admire the scenery, the sunset and the historic buildings of the town.

Museo William Spartling

This museum is named after William Spartlin, a man who was dedicated to silver and lived in this magical town. In 1931 he opened his store and devoted himself entirely to collecting up to 2000 objects from pre-Hispanic times. Part of these pieces and various cultures are exhibited in the museum.

Pozos azules de Taxco

Pozos azules de TaxcoIf you want to spend a day among trees, nature and crystal clear waters, you will have to visit the Blue Pools. You can also practice sports in the surrounding area.

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