Tourism in the state of Oaxaca (Part 2)

Vistas Hierve Agua in Oaxaca

We were already talking about tourism in the state of Oaxaca in a previous post, in case you missed it, we leave it here. In addition to all the plans and activities you can do in the historic center, the archaeological site of Monte Alban or enjoy a gastronomic festival, we are going to propose you some other ideas for your vacations in Oaxaca.

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The city of Oaxaca

If you still do not know the origin of Oaxaca, we will tell you that it comes from the Nahuatl ”huáxyacacac” which means ”the tip of the huajes”. In this state, due to the number of municipalities that make up the state, there are about 18 different ethnic groups, making it a state with an impressive cultural richness. If you would like to know more about myths, legends and aluxes, in Mexico you will find what you are looking for.

What to do in Oaxaca

  1. Touring the historic center of Oaxaca
  2. Archaeological sites of Monte Alban in Oaxaca
  3. Observing the Tule tree
  4. Tasting the typical gastronomy of Oaxaca
  5. Visiting churches from different periods
  6. Walking through the Ethnobotanical Garden
  7. To know and learn in the different museums of Oaxaca.
  8. Enjoying natural spas
  9. The Guelaguetza
  10. See the Feather Dance
  11. Buy alebrijes

To know and learn in the different museums of Oaxaca.

To begin with, we will mention the Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca, a former convent whose architecture combines religious paintings and different architectural decorations. It is close to the Ethnobotanical Garden, so if you visit one of them, you must visit the other.

Enjoying the natural spas of Oaxaca

A few kilometers from Oaxaca is Hierve el Agua, a natural spa that will leave you open-mouthed. Its breathtaking view will make you take pictures. It is composed of waterfalls, petrified waterfalls formed thousands of years ago and natural pools of warm and crystalline waters.

The Guelaguetza

As many as eight regions participate in this Oaxacan fiesta. All the people who participate in it, will Traditional Oaxaca dancedressed in typical costumes while dancing, singing and celebrating their typical festivity. In addition, you will be able to taste different typical dishes. If the dates coincide with you (it is celebrated in July) you will be able to get to know this celebration.

See the feather dance

To continue with the previous point, the feather dance can be seen during the Guelaguetza festival. It is considered the most important dance of this state, a direct inheritance of the Aztec-Zapotecans. This performance can last up to 3 days (with breaks).

Buy alebrijes in Oaxaca

Mexican handicraftsThey are handcrafted figures of different animal shapes in bright colors. They were created by Mexican artist Pedro Linares and represent fantastic beings. Although its origin is not from Oaxaca, it is true that in the different territories of the state they have been the greatest experts in the elaboration of this particular handicraft.

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