Tourism in Mahahual

Visit to Mahahual

Tourism in Mahahual

One of the ideal destinations for your next vacation in a paradisiacal destination could be Mahahual, a little known place that you will love.

Hotels in Mahahual

We have dived through the tripadvisor website to find the best hotels to stay in considering their value for money.

We start with the highest rated resort, the Nacional Beach Club & Bungalows. This hotel is located in the heart of Av. Huachinango Malecón is also in front of the beach. Its colorful buildings, decoration and excellent services will make you not want to go back home.

The Hotel El Caballero Blanco has a great rating thanks to the comments of different customers from all over the world. Its pools create an optical effect that makes them merge with the sea.

The 40 canyons of Mahahual

Los 40 Canyons is one of the most popular hotels to stay in Mahahual today. Its beautiful views in front of virgin beaches and its decoration are among its main attractions. They have 3 types of apartments: the luxurious 40 canyons, the modern luxury apartments or the comfortable El Fuerte apartments.

Mahahual, Quintana Roo

Nearby Mayan ruins Mahahual

It is a small town by the Caribbean Sea, about half an hour from Bacalar. It is characterized for still being a destination little known by tourists, which makes it a rather quiet place. In addition, its beaches and corners are almost virgin, which makes it even more special.

If you like your vacations on the beach, lying under the sun and free of worries, you should definitely think about visiting Mahahual. It is also perfect for ecotourism and reconnecting with nature.

You also have several tourist attractions to visit. For example, you can take a snorkeling equipment or hire an excursion that includes scuba diving to discover the coral reefs in the area. There are up to 20 immersion points. Another highly acclaimed destination for this water sport is Cancun.

As in many areas of Mexico, there is an archaeological site relatively close to Mahahual to visit. Chacchobén, a Mayan ruins dating back to 300 A.D., is only 1 hour away.

Located in the Lake District, this site was one of the most important in the area, and was even linked to an ancient regional capital in the surrounding area. Highlights include the Great Basement, altars, stelae and much more.

Mahahual Beach

As it could not be otherwise, the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean are among the most beautiful in the world and specifically those of Mahahual stand out above others. With a great extension, these almost virgin beaches of turquoise, transparent waters and white sand are unique also thanks to the coral reef that protects them.

Alternate destination: Cancun

If you were left wanting to dive in more spectacular sites in Mexico, pack your bags and book a room at the Oasis hotels in Cancun. Get ready to discover its beautiful beaches, its incredible water activities and all the tourist attractions that make this Mexican city unique.

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