Weather in Tulum

Temperature in Tulum

Although the Caribbean weather is always pleasant and stable throughout the year, it is normal when planning your vacation to be aware of what the weather will be like when you travel to your chosen destination. That’s why we give you tips on how to make the most of your stay.

Tulum Weather

The weather in Tulum is variable depending on the time of the year, although it should be noted that it is a humid, cloudy and even rainy destination.

In order to choose the best time of the year for a vacation with sunshine and pleasant temperatures, avoid August and September: the former being the hottest of the year and the latter being considered the rainiest.

The best dates to visit Tulum as a tourist are from November to March, even in January. If you want to visit the beaches, pools and cenotes of Tulum, the ideal dates are between May and November. This is due to its pleasant temperatures, which do not usually fall below 15 degrees and exceed 35 degrees.

Temperatura en Tulum

The temperature throughout the year in Tulum has a minimum of 15 degrees and a maximum of 35 degrees. The good thing is that beyond these figures, both minimums and maximums do not tend to vary much in the different seasons.

The really hot months are April, May and June, unlike November to February, which are the coldest, especially January. In spite of being a vacation destination of beach, sun and good temperatures, its cloudy weather covers almost half of the year.

Weather forecast in Tulum

There are many websites to check the weather, including mobile apps that are highly recommended and will give you great advice on how to pack the right luggage in your suitcase.

To download an app on your cell phone you have to look for the following requirements: these have to meet some minimum utility, such as informing us about the maximum and minimum temperature of the place, in addition to highlighting the wind chill.

Nor can you forget that if you go to a coastal place, as in this case, see what is the state of the sea, whether or not there are waves, its temperature, etc., in addition to the wind that will be perfect for those who want to practice sports activities.

Lodging near Tulum

Whether your vacation will be entirely dedicated to tourism or, on the contrary, will be focused on enjoying the sun and the beach, what you can not miss are good accommodations. That is why we recommend you to visit the hotels in Cancun of the Oasis hotel chain.

No matter who you travel with, all the possible services are in their facilities: kiddo zone, relaxing spas, swimming pools, adults-only areas, beach access…take a look at each hotel and book the dates with the weather you like the most.

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