Chacchobén, the Mayan ruins

Cacchoben deposit in Mexico

Visit one of the most important archaeological ruins in Chetumal, known as Chacchobén. Despite its name, to this day there is no evidence of what it was actually called during its time. That is why the name of the land where it is located was finally used, which from the Mayan would be something like ”colored corn”.

Chetumal, México

The region of Chetumal is the capital of the state of Quintana Roo. It was formerly known by the name of Chactemal, a territory of fishing origin whose economy was sustained by maritime trade. It is currently a tourist destination where multiple activities can be carried out.

To cover the cultural aspect during your vacation, you have different museums to visit, such as the Museum of Mayan Culture, the Museum of the City, among others. As for ecotourism, you can visit natural areas of the region such as the 7-color lagoon, the Cenote Cocodrilo Dorado or surrounding islands.

Chacchoben Archaeological Zone

The area where the archaeological remains of Chacchobén are located dates back to 300 B.C. but it was not centuries later when the buildings that are preserved today were built. The ancient Mayan settlement has a dimension of more than 70 hectares, where all the structures that comprise the ruins are located.

These include religious, administrative and residential buildings, among others. The most important structures at Chacchobén are the groups known as Las vías, the Gran Basamento and Group II. The latter includes the tallest building on the site.

During several centuries the territory expanded, and inspired by different architectural styles, they created very characteristic constructions. This is one of the most important reasons why tourists and history buffs come to see the buildings.

Chacchoben Ruins

If you want to go to the Chaccchobén ruins and learn about its history, it is very easy. These are located only 9 kilometers from the turnoff of federal highway 307 between Chetumal and Cancun. It is just off Federal Highway 297, or as it is known to locals, the short road to Mérida. Specifically, the archaeological site is 70 kilometers from Chetumal.

The ruins of Chacchoben are open to the public every day of the week from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., although the last access is half an hour before closing time. The entrance fee is 70 Mexican pesos, which not only allows you to enter the archaeological site, but also includes basic services such as restrooms, souvenir stores, as well as food and beverage outlets.

For those visitors who want to travel to Chacchobén in their own vehicle, they should know that parking is not included in the entrance fee, so they will have to pay an additional fee for the use of the parking lot.

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