Do you know our gastronomic offer?

gastronomic offers

Oasis’ gastronomic offer, simply the best in the Mexican Caribbean.


At Oasis Hotels & Resorts we believe in food in an almost religious way. We love the food of the world and its fusions, we love the sweet, the sour and the salty and of course, our restaurants are always placed among the best in Cancun. If, like us, you are a lover of good food, then you should get a good score in this quiz about our most important restaurants.

Enjoy it…


Gastonomic offers

Do you want to know more about the gastronomic offer of Oasis? click on the links below and find out more about how we love food at Oasis Hotels & Resorts.

  1. ·Benazuza
  2. ·Sakura Sunset  
  3. ·Maki Taco
  4. Top 5 of Oasis
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