Top 5 restaurants in Oasis

Oasis restaurants.

Oasis Restaurants.

The gastronomic offer is undoubtedly one of the pillars of Pedro Pueyo’s company, who himself has been involved in haute cuisine for a long time, in fact one of the most spectacular restaurants in Cancun, El Restaurante Benazuza at the Grand Oasis Sens hotel, is inspired by the Hacienda Benazuza in Andalusia, where the name Ferran Adrià (For many the best Chef in the world) is well known and from where the history of a company that has brought the best of international cuisine to Cancun began.

But the gastronomic offer in Oasis is really wide, more than 60 different restaurants are offered in our hotels in the Caribbean and they are all wonderful, but of course there are some that stand out more than others. That’s why here we have the 5 best restaurants in Oasis Hotels & Resorts, visiting them is easy, just come to Oasis Plus and ask how to visit each one.

MAKI TAKO (The Pyramid at Grand Oasis)

Oasis restaurants.

Maki tako de Grand Oasis Cancun.

The fusion of Asian and Mexican food finds its home at Maki Tako. This beautiful restaurant located in the pool area of the hotel Grand Oasis Cancun, masterfully blends the flavors of the Far East with Mexican food, demonstrating that it is indeed possible to travel to the Far East. two places at the same time, because here we will transport you in each dish, and simultaneously, to Mexico and the Far East.  Undoubtedly a fascinating restaurant that you can’t miss.

CAREYES (Grand Oasis Tulum)

Oasis restaurants.

Careyes Tulum, a secret among Oasis restaurants.

Dining at a table overlooking the turquoise Caribbean, with the gentle breeze caressing you and with unparalleled service, is possible in this hidden corner of the Caribbean. Undoubtedly, all the hotel is a treasure, located in one of the least visited corners of the Mexican Caribbean, this hotel is all about luxury and relaxation and this restaurant is a reflection of that, delicacies from the sea, fabulous entrees and the spectacular treatment of its staff make a lunch or dinner in this restaurant a wonderful experience. If Grand Oasis Tulum is the company’s best kept secret, Careyes is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown, you can’t go home without having visited this wonderful restaurant.

BENAZUZA (Grand Oasis Sens)

Oasis restaurants.

Benazuza, the best of the Oasis restaurants.

The history of Benazuzamer deserves a separate mention, a palace of dreams, a laboratory of taste. There are hardly words to describe the modern concept that Chef Rafael Zafra developed when creating this restaurant. A menu of molecular food that impresses anyone, a décor that screams good taste and of course a supreme service, make Benazuza the best restaurant in the Mexican Caribbean., come to be surprised and play with the creations of our chefs and enjoy being placidly fooled by the impressive molecular food, Benazuza is undoubtedly everything you expect, and much more.

THE WHITE BOX. (The Pyramid at Grand Oasis)

Salmon sashimi, ponzu on cucumber and jicama salad

Haute cuisine can be relaxed and informal. This was the concept to follow when we developed this gastrobar that is currently considered the number 1 in Cancun according to Trip Advisor. Small dishes that mix textures and flavors create a very pleasant experience for the senses. With an ocean view and a wonderful decoration that conveys luxury, this restaurant is a must in the gastronomy of Oasis, visit it and discover why, according to its users, there is no better restaurant in Cancun.

THE BLACK HOLE. (Grand Oasis Sens)


More than a restaurant, The black hole is an experience. It is a restaurant dedicated to exalt your senses through not only the food but in general all the details that make Black Hole a unique place. Of course, as its name suggests, here the dinner is in absolute darkness, perfect for couples, this experience is possible in our adults only hotel, so diners must also be adults. Book a dinner at this restaurant, we assure you that your dining experience will never be the same.

These are just 5 options that show how the gastronomic offer of Oasis is the best in the Caribbean, ask for the “Runaway” program and discover how to enjoy more restaurants, and how to take advantage of your vacation, remember that Oasis has more for you, because Oasis Loves U.



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