Do you know the ancient Mexican culture?

Ancient Mexican Culture

One of the oldest cultures, with multiple customs and traditions, typical dishes known all over the world… do you consider yourself an expert in Mexican culture? Learn a little more about Aztec customs with us.

Mexica Culture

The Mexica culture has also been called Aztec, beginning when its citizens created the capital called Tenochtitlan, a city recently discovered in Mexico City.

Mexican Traditions

  1. Ceremonies
  2. Ball game
  3. Festivals in the rain
  4. Human sacrifices

How many centuries did the Mexica culture last?

The Mexica or Aztec culture covered the period between 1325 A.D. and 1521 A.D. (almost two centuries) until the arrival of the Spanish and their conquest.

Characteristics of Mexican culture

Among many other qualities, they were considered very powerful warriors in Mesoamerica, also great architects and astronomers, as well as very believers due to the fact that religion was deeply rooted in their culture.

Ancient Mexican cultures

  1. Teotihuacanos
  2. Olmecas
  3. Zapotecas
  4. Mayas

The Teotihuacan people lived from 100 B.C. to 650 A.D., in the ceremonial center of Teotihuacan where the well-known Pyramids of the sun and the moon or the road of the dead were found. Surely visiting the pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan you will realize why it is so well known around the world.

The Olmecs are located in the pre-classic period between 2,500 BC and 200 AD, in the geographical area of southern Veracruz or northern Tabaso.

For the Zapotecs, agriculture was paramount and they considered themselves experts. They built large temples, totems and left as a legacy the ball game, among others.

Ancient Mexican culture statue

The Maya lived during the pre-classic period until the 15th century A.D. and their main contributions include the solar calendar, great contributions in architecture and writing. Do you know the temple of the god Kukulcan? is one of the largest buildings left to us by the Mayas.

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