Flora and fauna of Cancun

flora and fauna

The Jaguar, imposing emblem of the jungle

Cancun and the Riviera Maya are two of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Americas and the world, with endless hotels for all tastes and budgets, theme parks for those with an adventurous soul, a nightlife on a par with the best cities in the world, and the impressive color of the sea, are postcards that visitors take home and memories that linger in the memory of our guests.

More flora and fauna to discover.

flora and fauna

Flora and fauna of Cancun.

However, there is more, and “more” seems to be the never-ending constant of a land that never ceases to amaze its own and others. Cancún is one of those places where you can live for years and still find and get excited about places, activities or people that you’ve never been to before.
You observed, or simply found, as a priceless treasure, hidden deep in the low jungle that extends along this young territory that today we call Quintana Roo, this is the case of the flora and fauna of our beautiful destination, a secret to be discovered within reach of your trip. Take the opportunity to stay in our beach hotels in Cancun.

Full of life.

This is the case even in lo the urban area of Cancun, where tlacuaches, beautiful multicolored birds or iguanas can be found by simply looking up, two clear examples of this are the Kabah parks and Ombligo verde, which serve as shelter for different types of flora and fauna, and what to say about the beach, in the Mexican Caribbean life is abundant in every corner, you only need to stand on the shore and with that maybe you can see some fish or crabs, or surely you will see the birds that interact with the swimmers, or maybe, and if you are lucky, you could see the nests that turtles form on the beach and that we enjoy so much to take care of and observe year after year to help this beautiful natural cycle that for thousands (if not millions) of years has been carried out, you might see the nests that turtles form on the beach and that we enjoy taking care of and observing year after year to help this beautiful natural cycle that has been going on for thousands (if not millions) of years to continue and in this way help preserve these species and create sustainable interactions that allow us to continue enjoying this paradise for generations to come

North, south, everywhere.

flora and fauna


But we can also go deep into the territory or the waters of this beautiful place and marvel at the impressive Mesoamerican barrier reef, the Shian Kaan biosphere reserve, a unique site home to thousands of species of plants, birds, reptiles and marine life, or we could travel to Hol Box Island and enjoy a ride with the whale shark, the largest fish in the world, or travel to the impressive Rio Lagartos, an area that belongs to Yucatan and where you can see the famous pink flamingos

As you can see, the Yucatan Peninsula is home to a large number of species and has a unique biodiversity and extremely important for the present, past and future of our home, we invite you to visit all these natural sites and discover what Mother Nature has capriciously left in Quintana Roo, we will be more than happy to welcome you and help you to visit all these places, pride of the people who live here.

Cancun’s flora and fauna is extremely rich, learn more about it by watching this excellent video:


flora and fauna

Azulemblema crab of the flora and fauna of Cancun.

flora and fauna

Marine life, a fundamental part of the Quintanaroo flora and fauna

flora and fauna

The tlacucaches

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