Ka’Yok’, the planetarium of Cancun

Starry sky at Ka'Yok' planetarium in Cancun

Do you like science, space and technology? Do you want to learn while having a great time? Then going to Cancun’s planetarium is a plan you can’t miss. Read on to learn more about it.

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Information about Ka’Yok’, Cancun’s planetarium

Inaugurated in 2013, the Cancun planetarium has the task of bringing the scientific and technological world closer to all those interested in the universe, culture, the environment…It has one of the most advanced technologies in its field. The complex is located on Palenque Avenue in Cancun.

The construction of Ka’Yok’ was made possible thanks to funding from the Government of Quintana Roo, the National Technology Council (CONACYT) and the Quintana Roo Council for Science and Technology (COQCYT), in addition to the contribution of the land by the Benito Juárez City Council.

What is the planetarium design like? This is reminiscent of space elements thanks to the planetary shapes and the sun as the central point in the main room. From the outside you will see the circular shape of the building.

Attractions of the Ka’Yok’ planetarium in Cancún

It is made up of the following attractions:

  • Planetarium or projection room (digital dome) of the Ka’Yok’ planetarium in Cancun
  • Ka’Yok’ planetarium auditorium in Cancun
  • Ka’Yok’ planetarium observatory in Cancun
  • Ka’Yok’ planetarium water museum in Cancun
  • Museography of the Ka’Yok’ planetarium in Cancun
  • Virtual reality classroom at the Ka’Yok’ planetarium in Cancun


Planetarium or projection room (digital dome) of the Ka’Yok’ planetarium in Cancun.

Ka'Yok' planetarium auditorium in CancunIn this projection room, you will be able to observe the universe. It measures about 12 meters in diameter and as we explained a few lines above, it has one of the best technologies in this field. The hours are from 10:00 to 17:30.

Cancun’s Ka’Yok’ planetarium auditorium

It is equipped with a digital projection and sound system that will allow you to hold the event of your choice (it can be booked for conferences, forums, etc.). It has a capacity of up to 190 people.




Cancun’s Ka’Yok’ planetarium observatory

Observing the moon at Ka'Yok' planetarium in CancunHere you can contemplate the planets, the stars, the moon… This room has two impressive telescopes, one specialized in night observation and the other in daytime observation.

Night observations are scheduled periodically and depend on the weather. Daytime observations depend on the day and time of year. If you are interested in this type of activity, you will have to keep an eye on the official website or their social networks to learn more.

Cancun’s Ka’Yok’ Planetarium Water Museum

The water museum aims to raise awareness and inform about attitudes and values to preserve the most important resource of life, water. To make visitors aware of our most precious asset, videos are shown, graphic information is displayed, etc., to raise awareness in an easy and fun way.

Museography of the Ka’Yok’ planetarium in Cancun

Here you can learn about Mayan contributions and history, information about the creation of the universe, among many other things. Be sure to visit it.

Virtual reality classroom at the Ka’Yok’ planetarium in Cancun

One of the planetarium’s newest attractions, opened in 2017. Here you will live a unique immersive experience thanks to the creation of images to experience a 360-degree view. Learn more about Cancun’s most representative resorts without leaving the classroom.

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