MakiTaco, two cultures in one environment

Japan and Mexico have something in common; they are extremely rich millenary cultures full of traditions and flavors. Part of this culture is the delicious and vast gastronomy that has become world famous for the taste of the most demanding palates, with its peculiar ingredients and of course, the spicy touch that distinguishes Mexican cuisine.

Today, Mexico and Japan unite the best ingredients of their traditional cuisine to pour them into the dishes of one of the most outstanding restaurants in Cancun, included in TripAdvisor’s Top 10: MakiTaco.

As is customary in Oasis Hotels & Resorts, from the reception the atmosphere takes you to a special place, with decorations that pay tribute to both cultures in shades of bright red and white, cactus, bamboo and spaces that at all times evoke the most characteristic aspects of the two cultures.

An element worth highlighting is that the best of the golden cinema of both countries is shown while the fusion of flavors invades your palate and this allows you to let yourself go on a journey of flavors and sensations.

Likewise, the presentation of each dish is an authentic work of art before the diner’s eyes, as the entire Oasis team always strives for perfection, especially in the details.

The cuisine in this outstanding restaurant is not only fusion, but the concept it offers consists of six courses. All of them, ideal to share with your companion, because in order to enjoy the variety offered, the portions are designed in sizes and quantities better known as bites, so as not to be left wanting, and the wonderful thing is that if you want to repeat, your waiter will be more than happy to take you the dish you want to enjoy a second time.

The peculiar and impeccable touch of the chef and his entire kitchen team will create a feast of flavors inside your palate that you will enjoy with every bite, whether for lunch or dinner.

And to close with a flourish, it will be impossible not to try the seaweed ice cream, lychee leaf and milk with tapioca and green tea, as the sweet flavors and textures in them confirm why the cuisine of Japan and Mexico are acclaimed all over the world.

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