Mexican handicrafts alebrije

Mexican handicrafts

Mexican handicrafts alebrije

Familiarize yourself with some of the most popular handicrafts that exist in the country and that despite the passage of time are still very present today. You can find both objects made of wood or handcrafted garments with great cultural value.

Mexican handcrafted products

  1. Alebrijes
  2. Tree of life
  3. Rebozo
  4. Charro Hat
  5. Sarape

Mexican handicrafts: alebrijes

Alebrijes are a type of Mexican handicraft created in the mid-twentieth century by the artist Pedro Linares. These fantastic animal-shaped objects are made of paper or cardboard and are usually painted with bright colors that inspire joy. This handicraft is very representative of the state of Oaxaca.

The author was inspired by the dreams he had when he fell ill in a complicated stage of his life, and once he was cured, he wanted to recreate those dreams in the form of peculiar animals in the best possible way, something that was very easy for him since he was a cardboarder by profession.

Today, these popular figurines are believed to ward off evil spirits, bring luck and also take care of their owners’ homes. Although the alebrijes were originally made of cardboard or paper, they are now made of wood and dyed with natural pigments.

Clay in Mexican handcrafts

Handicrafts made from clay are also very popular in Mexico. They are manufactured for the creation of utensils, decorative objects or flowerpots, among others. In many states of the country you will find specialized artisan stores where these wonders are sold.

One of the most popular objects made of clay is the tree of life. Although it may be merely decorative, the tree of life has a deep religious significance for those who acquire it. In the past it was used for the evangelization of the Spaniards to the ethnic groups of Mexico, changing the representation of the Mexica gods for the icons of the Catholic religion.

Mexican handicrafts: embroidery

Within Mexican handicrafts, embroidery may be the field with more types of characteristic creations that we will find within Mexican culture.

Starting with the rebozo, one of the most significant garments, not only for its beauty, but also for its cultural value. This press is a cloak or cape, an accessory that can be put on the head, also as a backpack to carry a baby, among many other utilities.

The charro hat is another of the most popular embroidered handicrafts in Mexico and abroad. An object with great cultural importance that went from being a simple protector to become an essential accessory of Mexican identity.

We will also talk about the sarape, a garment also full of cultural value, which has passed from generation to generation to become a Mexican icon. This kind of brightly colored poncho was widely used by peasants and also to protect themselves from the cold in the past.

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