Temazcal, an ancient practice for wellness.

The Temazcal (TEMAZCALLI; word of Náhuatl origin: “TEMAZmeans steam and   “CALLI” means house). is a sauna bath with origins in Mexico, which has become popular in recent years for its countless benefits. This is a physical, mental and spiritual experience where the powers of healing and transformation will have a very positive effect on the person who decides to take it.


In ancient times, various civilizations such as the Mayans or Aztecs used it as a healing bath and a space for prayer where elements of ritual and ceremony were used.








In this ritual the five human senses and the contact with nature will play an important role in conjunction with sounds and meditations that will favor the reactivation of natural creativity and emotions can be released to increase spirituality, facilitating in this process the renewal, healing and transformation.








The temazcal bath is the symbolic representation between the body, soul and the mother earth and  happens inside a kind of room with a circular, roofed vault or dome-like structure and is built with materials such as wood, stone, brick or mud and with a space in the center where hot stones are placed and medicinal herbs are placed on them to create aromatherapy along with the humid heat that will start the process of detoxification by sweating.

Among the broad therapeutic benefits are:

  • Toxin elimination
  • The balance of blood circulation
  • Purification of the digestive system
  • Muscle mobility
  • Purification of the respiratory tract
  • Skin toning.


Likewise, these benefits are reflected in the mind and inner peace. For each person it is different, some experience a pleasant moment of meditation and awareness, for others the effect is of complete physical and/or emotional relaxation, but above all, the main effect that this ritual brings is a natural inner peace.


A good option when you go out is that you can swim to cool off or get ready for a spa treatment… or how about just relaxing by the seashore.

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