The Best Gift for Mom

Celebrate and take care of your mom in Oasis Hotels & Resorts, take a look at all the available options for her to enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Spa Day:

All the luxury that our hotels offer plus relaxating and revitalizing treatments.

Dinner at The White Box:

Gastrobar that unites the popular concept of tapas with the creativity of haute cuisine at an affordable price.

Dinner in Benazuza:

Techno-emotional cuisine is the one that focuses on emotions without leaving aside technology or technique. When tasting it, it transports you; it takes you further, leaving a permanent memory. The perfect place to live and experience this is the Benazuza Restaurant.

Day Pass:

Enjoy a fantastic day in any of our hotels. Relax on the beach and pools and try the incredible restaurants that Oasis Hotels have for you.

Dinner at Black Hole:

For the more adventurous, let yourself be seduced by the smells, textures and flavors in a completely blind experience in which your senses and the cuisine are the protagonists.

Complete this test and find out what is the best option to give to your mom.
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