The best tours to get to know Monterrey


Sunset in Monterrey

Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo León, is home to important business companies and is also known for being one of the richest cities in Mexico. This is due to the fact that there are deposits of gold, silver and other metals in the vicinity of the territory. For this reason, it is one of Mexico’s financial, commercial and industrial centers par excellence. We want to offer you the best recommendations for you to have an ideal trip.

Areas of interest in Monterrey

What places do we have to visit in Monterrey? let’s put together our list:

  • The Macroplaza
  • Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Visit the different museums in Monterrey
  • Santa Lucia boat trip
  • Tasting the typical dishes of Monterrey
  • go to Fundidora Park
  • Visiting the Monterrey Summits National Park
  • Photographing the caves of Garcia
  • Visiting the Cuauhtémoc brewery


Monterrey’s Macroplaza

In this imposing place with an extension of 400,000 square meters we will find the Lighthouse of commerce with almost 70 meters high, it is a design of the architect Luis Barragan. The great attraction of the lighthouse is at night, when the green laser lights up and illuminates different parts of the city.

Metropolitan Cathedral in Monterrey

This beautiful building is the seat of the archdiocese of Monterrey. Its construction dates back to the 18th century, mixing different architectural styles.

Visiting the different museums in Monterrey

If we want to know a little more in depth the culture of the cities we visit, it is essential to visit the museums that compile much of the history of these cities. We can find the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey (MARCO), the Museum of the Palace of the government, also the Museum of Mexican History or the Museum of the Northwest. Another museum that if you have the opportunity at some point to visit is the MUSA, the Underwater Museum.

Santa Lucia boat trip

Santa Lucia River, MonterreyIf you finally decide to go to the Mexican History Museum, you will see the longest artificial river in Latin America, the Santa Lucia Canal. At the exit of the museum you can take a boat for a pleasant stroll along the water. It was inaugurated in 2007 to coincide with and celebrate the Universal Forum of Cultures.

Tasting the typical dishes of Monterrey

The main protagonist of Monterrey’s gastronomy is meat. Typical is the machacado con huevo, a scrambled egg dish with dried and shredded beef.

Go to Fundidora Park in MonterreyFundidora Park in Monterrey

It was formerly the city’s Iron and Steel foundry company. Today you can see the remains of the furnaces where they worked the metals. It consists of the Plaza Grúa, in the center of which one of the bridge cranes used in the former factory is exhibited.

Visiting the Monterrey Summits National Park

It is also known as Caballo’s tail waterfall, its main tourist attraction. It is a 25-meter waterfall. In front of it there is a beautiful viewpoint where you can take beautiful pictures.

Photographing the caves of Garcia

The caves of Garcia in MonterreyTo get to the caves you have to take a cable car that will travel 600 meters to observe these galleries of about 105 meters deep. Discovered in 1843, they are approximately 60 million years old.

Visiting the Cuauhtémoc brewery

Founded in 1890, this particular red building keeps alive a business adventure that began with the manufacture of handcrafted products to finally end in the legend it is today.

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