The weather in the Riviera Maya

The good weather in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is characterized as one of the Mexican coastal destinations with the most favorable weather for sun, sun lounger, pool and beach vacations. If you are the typical person who prefers a sea destination rather than a mountain destination, you have found the next place to spend your days off.

Weather Riviera Maya

The average temperature of the Mexican territory does not usually exceed 26 degrees Celsius, although it varies more or less depending on the time of the year in which you travel.

What kind of weather will you find depending on the months you travel to the Riviera Maya? during the months between December and April the temperature is rather dry, where you can feel less heat and in general it is more convenient if you want to plan a tourist getaway for tours and / or cultural tourism.

Then there is the period from May to November, when the weather becomes rather rainy and humid, especially from June to October.

Riviera Maya weather forecast

Make an exhaustive search of the weather during the days of your stay and you will know what kind of suitcase to pack. It is true that mobile applications and online pages will only be able to give you a more or less reliable prediction at most 15 days before the appointed date, but if you already know the times when the weather is better or worse, you will be playing it safe.

It is recommended to travel to the Riviera Maya during the months of December through April due to the temperature and/or low rainfall, although it is also important to keep in mind that since it is high season, prices are higher and there is less availability in tours, rooms, etc.

Mayan Riviera Weather in August

Summer is when temperatures are at their highest, there are repeated tropical storms and it is also considered hurricane season. The latter is not something to be overly concerned about, it is simply something to keep in mind when traveling to a tropical destination.

The temperature during this season usually exceeds 25 degrees and the wind chill is also high, a perfect situation for tourists in love with the heat and who prefer bathing and sunbathing to long days of sightseeing.

Another of the advantages of traveling in summer is the money saving, considerable difference between the prices of accommodation and/or tours if you compare them to those of other months.

Lodging nearby Riviera Maya

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