Traveling cheaply to travel with pleasure

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Traveling cheap is traveling better

Cheap travel is something most of us seek for our vacations, often it’s not about glamour, nor is it about large oceanfront suites and butler service. Many times it’s about adventure, discovering new places, trying new food, or just relaxing. That is why today in Oasis Hoteles & Resorts we are going to tell you how to travel cheap, without sacrificing too much, and how to have the best vacations in the Mexican Caribbean, without sacrificing too much. that your wallet comes back completely empty.

The ideal hotel for cheap travel


There are two ways in which your vacation can be cheaper without sacrificing quality, the first is to stay in downtown Cancun. hotel Smart by Oasis, a small but beautiful hotel that offers to its visitors spacious, modern and comfortable rooms in European Plan or with breakfast included. But don’t worry, you won’t leave anything behind, the hotel has a beautiful swimming pool, gourmet a la carte restaurants, the best show center in Cancun, and the best entertainment center in Cancun. (Crazy Hot Coyote)and a beautiful beach club located in the hotel. Oasis Palm. Staying here means that you can manage your expenses in meals, transportation and of course, a very good price for your stay, if your idea is to spend your time doing excursions, without a doubt, this is your best option.

The second is much simpler, perhaps your idea of vacation has more to do with rest, getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and work, and simply spending the days on the beach under a palm tree. If so, the all-inclusive option can be economical for you, becauseIMG_2874 although you may have to pay a little more for lodging, once this payment is settled, you can forget about everything, we will take care of you and all your needs. Oasis offers all kinds of restaurants even in our most economical category, and all maintain that quality that you deserve for this time that should be yours and no one else’s, rest, forget about everything and put yourself in our hands, don’t worry, in Oasis we know how to do it better than anyone else.

For cheap travel, the Cancun of the Locals

Palapa Park

travel cheaply by eating where the locals eat.

This is undoubtedly one of the best recommendations that can be made to enjoy our beautiful destination. Many people still have the idea that in order to travel to Cancun it is necessary to spend a fortune and walk around glamorous shopping malls and great restaurants, and, although all this may be true, it is also there is another way to get to know Cancun, getting closer to what the locals do. Discover the Cochinita cakes, dine at the most famous tacos, try the typical gastronomy of the city, we assure you that without sacrificing quality, you can find establishments that allow you to travel cheaply.

If you have any doubts, please contact us through our Facebook profiles, we will be glad to give you the best recommendations to enjoy Cancun without overspending.

Find the perfect moment


We know that it is not always possible to choose the days to take a vacation as we wish, but we can usually plan at least the time of the year when we would like to travel. It is very different to travel during the month of September, a time considered “low season” and with a little rain, than in the middle of March during Spring Break or Easter week. So plan your vacation very well and check prices at different times of the year, also remember that some tours or excursions can be cheap during the rainy season, anyway, Cancun is so much fun that the rain will not ruin your vacation and the savings will be felt in your wallet.

Better than cheap, free


Sometimes we feel the need to spend to have fun, and it’s not crazy either, good fun can cost a lot of money, but definitely, some of life’s greatest pleasures are simply free. We can start with the sea and the sand, the beaches of Cancun are public and in the more than 25 kilometers of the Hotel Zone you can find small bays with calm waters, viewpoints with open water and waves for water sports, you can find quiet beaches with few visitors or others full of people and activities. Build a sand castle, become a child again and enjoy the pleasures of life as you did then, the smile of your children, the look of your partner, traveling is not only discovering new places, but also rediscovering ourselves. There are also free activities available to everyone, the archaeological sites are free for Mexicans on Sundays and even if you must pay they are reasonably priced for what you get, a stroll through the hotel zone to admire the impressive architecture of the hotels is always nice, or just visiting shopping malls is a worthwhile adventure.

As you can see there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy this beautiful paradise of sand and sea, and be able to travel cheap, come to us and we will be happy to offer you the best options for you, and for the type of vacation you are looking for, remember that we are the number 1 company in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and that in addition to everything, Oasis Loves U.

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