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Goddess Ixchel in Isla Mujeres

During your trip to Mexico you will learn hundreds of stories and legends about one of the richest cultures that have ever existed in the world. In these lines we bring you information about the Goddess Ixchel, a deity related to the moon, maternity and different arts.

Ixchel, Mayan Goddess

There are many representations and information related to this female deity of the ancient Maya culture, one of the ancient gods. Ixchel is related to fertility, births, as well as with the arts of medicine, painting and, as if that were not enough, with the moon, the tides and everything related to this satellite.

One of the saddest legends related to the goddess is the one that tells of her falling in love with another god by the name of Itzamná. In spite of their love for each other, another man arrived in town who also fell in love with her, and Ixchel’s sister arranged a fight between the two to show their love for her.

Itzamná died at the hands of this man whose name was cursed forever, and Ixchel, broken with pain, took her own life. After the death of the lovers, they were reborn as the Sun God and Moon Goddess.

Numerous monuments have been found in which it was a rabbit (animal that is related to the moon), as a young woman (like the crescent moon) and even as an adult or old woman (waning moon), all depending on the lunar phases.

Mayan fertility goddess

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Goddess Ixchel: tattoo

There are tattoo lovers who are always looking for new ideas or reasons to decorate their body once again. Maybe after reading the curiosities of the Goddess Ixchel you’ve got the itch to go back to your favorite tattoo parlor to ask for a new eternal mark on your skin.

That’s why we give you some ideas of tattoos related to Ixchel: for example, you can ask for a three-dimensional, flat image or even a copy of a mural with astral decorations, related to fertility or arts. Among the endless options you’ll find on inspiration apps like pinterest, you’ll find some sketches of your future and beloved tattoo.

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