Why choose Cancun?

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Choosing Cancun, the best decision you will make today.

There are hundreds of reasons to make Mexico your vacation destination, but even within the national territory, the tourist offer of our country is vast and rich in flavors, color and tradition. There are all kinds of vacations in our country, from the visit of colonial sites to the comfort in 5 star hotels in Cancun, Mexico offers its visitorsmany options to relax, surprise or have fun like you never dreamed of. However, there is only 1 place in the whole country that has everything you are looking for for your vacation and maybe a little more, that place is the city of Cancun.

This winter vacation these are our reasons to choose Cancun as your next destination.

1. There are no two like the Caribbean Sea.


How not to choose Cancun if the sea has those colors?

The first time you see the color of the Caribbean Sea your life will not be the same. And it is precisely in Cancun where the Mexican Caribbean dazzles with its colors like nowhere else. The view from the puente Calinda,  located next to our Oasis Palm,is simply breathtaking. Just looking at the horizon, with the infinity of blues in the water and in the background Isla Mujeres will be a relaxing activity that will enhance your day. In addition the shallow, crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean offer the best option to enjoy the sea in a safe and fun way. Undoubtedly the best reason to choose Cancun is the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

2. For its history.

Archaeological Zone - Chichen Itza, Mexico

Archaeological Zone – Chichen Itza, Mexico.

As we have described in this space before, Cancun is a very young city. With less than 50 years since its founding, it is not only one of the youngest cities, but one of the youngest states in the country. However, the history of the Yucatan Peninsula, where Quintana Roo is located, is vast and can be traced back thousands of years, as demonstrated by paleontological studies in places such as the Lol-Tun cave, which dates back to 8,000 BC.

In addition, the first encounters between European settlers and Native Americans took place here. The history of the first mestizo, and therefore the history of our country, began in these lands with the explorer and sailor Gonzalo Guerrero, well known as the father of mestizaje in Mexico. This has left throughout the peninsula different customs and cultural sites that are perfect examples of the meeting of two worlds. The incomparable  richness of this history makes Cancun the ideal place not only to relax and have fun on its beautiful beaches, but also to get to know an ancient culture that will enrich your life in many ways.

3. For its gastronomy.

There are two reasons why Cancun’s gastronomy is simply amazing, the first is that one of the cultural riches that emerged from the encounter of two worlds is food. There are two reasons why Cancun’s gastronomy is simply amazing, the first is that one of the most important cultural riches of the encounter of two worlds, is food. And if that wasn’t enough, Cancun is one of the places in Mexico where you can find fantastic restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else. The perfect example of this is the Benazuza Restaurant, impressive place where molecular cuisine is the protagonist and the “Wow” is the only possible response to each of the dishes of its incomparable menu.

Choosing Cancun for your vacation has never been easier.

4. For its people.


Choose Cancun, for its people!

There is no other place in the whole country where people are as identified with the service as in the rest of the country. Cancún. This is a city that was literally born from tourism and that feeds on tourism. Cancunenses are friendly by nature, we like to make visitors feel good, help them with their questions, recommend adventures and see them enjoy our land. Come to Cancun and you will have in each one of us a friend and a conversation ready, undoubtedly the best reason to choose Cancun. Cancun for this December vacations.

5. For everything else.


Everything else

If this were not enough, think of all that has made Cancun the most visited destination in Latin America and Oasis the number one company in the Mexican Caribbean. We have all the fun, all the concerts, the most beautiful rooms, private pools, world class shows and golf course, at Oasis we have the best of the Caribbean, and we are waiting for you to show it to you.

Do you have more reasons to choose Cancun? Write us a comment, we want to know your opinion.

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