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Cancun is such a beautiful and unique place, that the hardest thing to do is to convince someone not to come. But if you are one of those people who are still wondering whether they should choose this paradise as your destination and Oasis as your hotel company, then here are 15 reasons that will convince you once and for all that your next vacation can’t be anywhere else.

For the beaches.

The most beautiful beaches in Mexico are those of Quintana Roo, everyone knows that, but even when you put the beaches of Riviera Maya, Tulum and other destinations in the state to compete, Cancun comes out on top every time,the most intense colors, the most beautiful views, are found on our beaches.


The best beaches in Mexico are enough to come to Oasis

2. For the shows

The grand master of entertainment in Mexico   is called Grand Oasis Cancun.. If you want to be impressed day and night by the talent and great productions of a group of top  professionals, then there is no other place to  go, Oasis is your destination.


Shows at Oasis Cancun

3. For gastronomy

Oasis is a company that consistently has 3 or more restaurants ranked in the top ten in the city. Proof of this are restaurants such as Benazuza, The White Boxor Black hole, 3 concepts that have shaken the gastronomic world of Cancun and are definitely  another reason to come to Oasis.


4. Because we have a hotel for every occasion.

At Oasis we know that it is not the same when you travel with friends as when you travel with your family. We know that the services and facilities you expect when you take your little ones on vacation are not the same as when you travel for romance. That’s why Oasis has a hotel for every occasion, follow us on social networks and discover the perfect hotel for your next vacation.


5. Because everything is included

What more can you ask for, just come to the hotel, and we will take care of everything.


6. For the service.

30 years of experience are not in vain, we have more time and rooms than anyone else in Cancun, another reason to come to Oasis.


The best service in the city, one more reason to come to Cancun.

7. To get married

Cancun is the perfect setting for love, and we have everything you need to take care of the romance while we take care of your wedding, definitely a reason to come to Oasis.

Wedding at Oasis

Perfect for romance

8. For Events

Concerts, art exhibitions, festivals, beach parties, the best New Year’s Eve event and foam parties are just some of the events organized by Oasis Hotels that you won’t want to miss.


Events at Oh by Oasis

9. For the photos

Take with you a beautiful memory and an image to relive it every time you look at that turquoise sea and blue skies, a simple photo is a reason to come to Oasis when you have the most beautiful beaches in America as a landscape.



10. For the rooms

Themed rooms for the little ones, a private pool on the terrace, spectacular views of the Caribbean, a room in Cancun is a reason to come to Oasis.



Room at Grand Oasis Sens.

11. Through the Mayan ruins

More than a thousand years of history await you in the Yucatan Peninsula, to learn about the Mayan culture is something you will never forget.


Chichen itzá

12. For the cenotes

These freshwater   caverns are one of the wonders of the natural world. and the day you meet one, it will be a day that will have been worthwhile..


Natural wonders that will make you come to Oasis

13. By the lagoons

Cancun is much more than just the sea. The Nichupte lagoon system itself is   an attraction that would make Cancun a beautiful destination, certainly a reason to come to Oasis.


Nichupté Lagoon

14. For the Museums

Perhaps Cancun is far from having the number of museums that Mexico’s big cities have. But on the other hand in Cancun we have a couple of museums that have no comparison with any other in the world, come and visit them, you will surely be surprised.


CANCUN, MEXICO - JANUARY 31: ***EXCLUSIVE*** Hombre en Llamas (Man on Fire) depicts a lone figure standing upright and defiant. The sculpture is installed 8m deep in the clear Caribbean waters surrounding the island of Isla Mujeres at a location named Manchiones. The cement figure has been drilled with over 75 holes and is currently being planted with live cuttings of fire coral (Millepora alcicorni). January 31, 2005. Deep under the seas of the Mexican Caribbean these statues look like relics of an ancient civilisation. Located in the National Marine Park, on the west coast of Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc, it will be the world's largest undetwater sculpture museum. Showing three life size sculptures are the first of 400 that will be laid on the seabed over the next 13 months. Founded by Jaime Gonzalez Cano of The National Marine Park, Roberto Diaz of The Cancun Nautical Association and renowned British underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, the underwater museum is designed to celebrate the Mayan history of the region and act as an artificial reef. (Photo by Jason de Caires / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

Underwater Museum

15. For its people.

We are proud of the land where we live, the people who inhabit this beautiful corner of Mexico are kind by nature, We like to welcome tourists, locals or foreigners and tell them about our city, we like to treat them well, we like to leave them something of us and that they also take from us the best we have, a smile and open arms to welcome them every time they come to the Caribbean.


Oh by Oasis


So now you know. What are you waiting for to come to Oasis?



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