The grandmaster of fun

Known as the grandmaster of fun, the Oasis Cancun hotel offers live concerts, music festivals, shows, themed parties, comedic sketches, and a never ending plethora of attractions. Its entertainment team aims to amaze guests with eye-catching spectacles, full of color and fun.

The White Box, a box full of surprises

The experience of eating haute cuisine does not simply end once the plate is empty; the dishes served transport us to fond places, bring back happy memories, and surprise and excite the senses. Smells, flavors, and sensations entwine within us providing experiences that elevate...

Say “I do” to a beach wedding

Being a paradisiacal destination, Cancun is the perfect place to have a beach wedding, as beauty and romanticism are always present.

Everything you need for touring Cancun’s Mayan ruins

Cancun is known for its wild nightlife, beautiful beaches, and year-round sun. What perhaps is less known is that it is home to many Mayan ruins. Approximately 3000 years of Mayan culture has left behind several Mayan dialects and many impressive constructions.