Diving, an adventure from another world


Diving, the sport that will change your life.

The most beautiful thing is always hidden

Cancun is not just another tourist destination, at first glance, the magnificent colors of the
Caribbean dazzle us from the first glance, observe that turquoise color that the sea of Cancun has on a sunny day (of which there are more than 300 a year) is an image that is hard to forget. The beauty here is everywhere, in what is found at first sight.
but also in what is not. Beneath the clear waters of our beaches, another world hides, of unparalleled beauty and teeming life. You can enter this underwater world, discover an underwater museum and see up close, one of the largest coral reefs in the world, all you need to do is go to one of the marinas that offer this service.
service in Cancun, we assure you that the experience will be one of the best of your life and that Cancun will become, if it wasn’t already, your favorite vacation destination.

Certify yourself and get watered 

Underwater session of a young couple scuba diving in a tropical sea and displaying the ok sign

To perform this activity you will need a certified instructor or obtain the diving certification that allows you to perform the   activity., obviously, there are different types of certifications that allow those who obtain them, from knowing the basic operation of the diving equipment, to learning how to navigate deep waters or even caverns, such as the different systems that exist in Quintana Roo territory. known as cenotes, which are explored by professional divers every year in an extreme and beautiful sport that allows them to visit these corners of the planet in which they hide. caves that have fewer human visitors, even than the Moon.

Diving your new adventure sport


Diving, an experience for everyone.

But for those of us who are doing this activity for the first time, there are two  basic   options,   the first is to take an introductory course, which, although it is not a diving certification, will still teach you how to use shallow water equipment and you will have a quick and easy introduction to everything you need to know to explore Cancun’s underwater world. In this format, the dive sites offer classes to familiarize you with the equipment in a pool, it will be like using the small tires of the bicycle when you learned to ride it, fun and very educational. Once you have familiarized yourself, it is time to receive instructions at sea and you are ready to enjoy the waters of the Caribbean, You will have to be accompanied at all times by your instructor because although you have taken a course, you are not yet certified to perform this beautiful underwater sport.

The second option is quite similar, the only thing that would change is the amount of classes you receive before being certified, because the shallow water certification is basically the same as the previous one, only you will explore the concepts in more detail and you will receive a couple of extra classes.


So we are ready for our first adventure under the temperate waters of Quintana Roo.buceando-en-cancun Roo, and just like on land, the amount of beautiful places to visit is simply breathtaking, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Tulum and particularly Cozumel are world renowned dive sites. In Cancun you will find, among other things, the unique and impressive museo subacuático (MUSA), in Isla Mujeres you can find the cave of the sleeping sharks, place that deserves its own separate article, because until the day it was discovered it was thought that sharks had to remain in motion to breathe, in Tulum the Mesoamerican reef extends in all its beauty. and is much better preserved than in the Cancun or Playa del Carmen area, and Cozumel is perhaps the second, if not the best place in the world to practice this sport, as evidenced by the “Cozumel Scuba Fest” a gathering of divers from all over the world who meet every year to explore the beautiful waters surrounding this stunning Caribbean island.

Not to be forgotten

So if you are planning your next vacation in Cancun, or even if you are already staying with us, don’t hesitate for a second, diving is an activity that will change your life and your life.e will give you a new perspective about biodiversity, the beauty of the sea and the importance of the conservation of these wonderful places.  Come to Cancun, come to Oasis and swim at a world that is waiting to be discovered by you.

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