Mexican population

Población de México

Mexican population

For those who want to know even the smallest detail about Mexico and even more about its most populated state, these lines will clear up doubts about inhabitants, density, among other matters.

How many inhabitants are there in Mexico?

We have data about the total population of Mexico in the year 2020 thanks to the official website of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, in the absence of the official data of this year 2021 that we leave behind.

Last year there were more than 126 million people in the country. It is currently one of the most populated countries in Latin America, ranking second only to Brazil. Of this number, more than half were women, compared to 48% men.

Population of Mexico 2021

Only a rough estimate of Mexico’s total population can be given, as official data has not yet been published, and the year 2021 is not yet over. It is believed that there are about 128 million people in the country. It can also be said that the average age of the country is 29 years old.

How many older adults are there in Mexico

Official data collected on the website of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico states that in the year 2020 there will be a total population of 96 million people of legal age (18 years old) in the country.

Most populated city in Mexico

Currently, the most populated state in the country is the State of Mexico. If you decide to visit this fantastic territory of the Mexican geography, we give you a couple of alternatives for your vacations and see the essential things to do.

Despite not having a beach in any of its 125 municipalities, the state is one of the most important you will find, as it has several sites declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Entering the state’s official website, you can find several recommendations from the brokers to make the most of its tourist attractions. The first we will find is the Toluca Corridor and its surroundings.

We continue through the Corridor of Sanctuaries, both Chalma and Malinalco. The Corredor Bellezas del Nevado (Snowy Beauties Corridor), which is home to incredible natural attractions, should not be forgotten either.

For true nature lovers, the Monarch Butterfly corridor will fascinate you. Head to Valle de Bravo to be a spectator of one of the most beautiful events in existence.

We continue through the Mazahua Splendor Corridor, in which Aculco stands out. If you and your family want to see a wonderful natural creation in the form of waterfalls, you should definitely head to this municipality.

The Otomí Heritage corridor is composed of different museums. The Heritage CorridorAnd how could it be otherwise, the penultimate Corridor we are going to talk about is that of Teotihuacan. Otomi is composed of different museums.

This is one of the most important archaeological sites in Latin America, known in different parts of the world. It is an essential visit to learn about the marvelous creations of past civilizations.

Finally, the volcano corridor. This route is composed of other natural wonders that to this day still look imposing and even intimidating. Don’t miss the Popocatepetl or Iztaccihuatl volcanoes.

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