The Underwater Museum of Art of Cancun

Depths of the underwater art museum, Cancun

For those who do not know one of the most important museums in the world, this post will please you and provide you with new information. The underwater art museum in Cancun, founded in 2009 and located in Quintana Roo, is not only original, but also a scenario of awareness for everyone.

About MUSA, Cancun

The project was the brainchild of artists Jason DeCaires Taylor, Jaime González Cano and Roberto Díaz Abrahám, who wanted to raise awareness of pollution, climate change and man-made problems.

Hence the birth of MUSA, an original and visual way of doing it. This further contributes to distracting the attraction of Cancun’s second barrier reef from tourists and visitors, who visit the MUSA instead of the large coral reef.

The museum under the sea has more than 500 life-size sculptures, which have been gradually incorporated thanks to several artists who also wanted to collaborate in this beautiful project.

The sculptures of the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun

Where exactly are the sculptures located? We can see them from Punta Nizuc, there is a depth of 2 to 4 meters. You can observe 33 sculptures, among them ”emptiness”, ”inheritance”, ”inertia”, among others. The best way to see them is by snorkeling, that is, diving at shallow depths.
Underwater Museum of Art Sculptures
On the other hand, in Manchones the depth is 8 to 10 meters deep and we will be able to see 473 sculptures, among them ”time bomb” or ”the bankers”. It is located on the coast of Isla Mujeres, and the visit will be done diving.

Tours of the Underwater Museum of Art MUSA, Cancun

Four types of tours are available at MUSA (for more information on these tours, check out the website):
  1. Snorkel
  2. Diving
  3. Glass Bottom Boat
  4. Jungle tour

Snorkeling Tour at MUSA, Cancun

There are two tours, the paradise adventure and the snorkel in punta Nizuc gallery.

Scuba Diving Tour in Musa, Cancun

There are five types of tours, two for certified people, one departing from Cancun and one from Isa Mujeres. There are five types of tours, two are for certified divers, the other three are without certifications, one with two dives from Cancun, another with one dive from Cancun and the third from Isla Mujeres. leaving from Cancun and another from Isa Mujeres. These more specialized tours last approximately 4 to 6 hours.

Crystal Bottom Boat Tour, Cancun

There are two tours, the paradise adventure and the glass bottom boat. Both have an approximate duration of 3 hours.

Jungle Tour in Musa, Cancún

This snorkeling tour takes place in Punta Nizuc. The approximate duration is two and a half hours.

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