A tour of Chiapas, what to see and what to do

Mural Maya

Getting to know Chiapas a little better

As there are many interested parties who are planning a trip to Mexico throughout the year, either for work or for summer vacations, we thought it would be advisable to leave some contribution about Chiapas. This state bordering Guatemala is known for the different activities that can be carried out there. At all times of the year it is advisable to travel, since its tropical climate is not very stifling, although if you do not like the heat, winter will be the best season due to the more moderate temperatures. Let’s start planning your ideal trip.

What to see and do in Chiapas

  1. Visit the archaeological sites of Yaxchilan and Bonampak.
  2. Go to Palenque and see more Mayan archaeology
  3. See the waterfalls of Agua azul and Misol Ha
  4. Visiting the town of Comitán
  5. Walking and taking pictures in El Chiflón natural park.
  6. Go to Montebello Lakes
  7. Having your photo taken at the Arc of time

Visit the archaeological sites of Yaxchillán and Bonampak.

Yaxchillan and Bonampak in Chiapas

The ancient Maya city of Yaxchillan is located on the border with Guatemala. The archaeological zone is located inside the tropical jungle, making it a place that is somewhat difficult to access, hence the curiosity of everyone to visit it.

Bonampak, formerly known as Ak’e, means ”painted walls”. It houses the most famous Mayan murals. We highly recommend this visit.

Go to Palenque and see more Mayan archaeology

This archaeological zone is larger than the previous ones, so it is preferable that you hire a guide or have a good history book at hand to inform you of all the places you will see. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient pre-Hispanic city was one of the most important ceremonial centers of the ancient Maya culture.

Ver las cascadas de Agua azul y Misol Ha

Palenque, Mayan archaeology in Chiapas

Agua Azul is a group of small turquoise blue waterfalls, hence its name. Take a dip in its waters and enjoy the scenery.

The Misol Ha waterfall, located in the middle of nature, has an impressive 30-meter drop, forming a small natural pool. Take pictures of yourself in this beautiful place and share it later on your networks.


Visita a la ciudad de Comitán

Town of Comitan in Chiapas



A former colonial zone, it is considered a magical town in Mexico. This place is recommended to get into the true Mexican essence, to know its nooks and crannies, to eat traditional food, to take lots of pictures…


El Chiflón Natural Park in Chiapas

Pasear y hacer fotos en el parque natural El Chiflón


More nature in Chiapas from the hand of El Chiflón natural park. If you liked the recommendations of waterfalls, we bring you some of the most beautiful ones: the bridal veil ones. If you like extreme sports, in this park you can do everything from rock climbing to zip lines.


Go to Montebello Lakes

Although this territory is made up of no less than 59 lakes, not all of them are open to the public. We will be able to see 1o of them, a very reasonable amount to appreciate their beauty. They are famous for their variety of colors.

Having your photo taken at the Arc of time

Finally, we propose you to take one of the pictures that you will boast about for years to come. Yes, going to the arch of time is to ensure a unique panoramic view and visit a natural arch almost 200 meters high.


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