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Oasis Hotels is   a diverse company in which the wordinnovation and change are constant drivers of our aspirations. The desire to give each guest lasting emotions that turn into memories is undoubtedly one of the reasons why we are here, we are passionate about service, entertainment, gastronomy, comfort and nature itself. That’s why we offer a little bit of each to our guests, so that they not only enjoy their time with us, but also want to come back and learn more about what makes us unique.

But among so many possibilities it is not always possible to enjoy everything, so today we bring you what for us are the 10 best activities of the year. Oasis hoteles & Resorts.

  1. Unique entertainment in Mexico.

Oasis hoteles & Resorts
Unique entertainment in Mexico

If you have had the pleasure of staying at Grand Oasis Cancun or The Pyramid you’ve surely witnessed some of the wonderful shows that take place at Red Circus. These incredible circus and artistic acts are an emblem and a source of pride for the hotel that hosts them and for our company in general. 4 different shows will surprise you, book a table and enjoy it as a couple or with your family, it is definitely something you will not find anywhere else in the world.

  1. Learn from the best.


If you are a fan of gastronomy, you are a fan of ours, the gastronomic offer of Oasis Hotels & Resorts is absolutely amazing, with 3 restaurants placed among the top ten in Cancun, we can really say that we are the best in the kitchen, and if you have been in Cancun, we are the best in the world. Grand Oasis Sens, then you know we can teach you how to make ceviche or use liquid nitrogen to turn you into a star chef while enjoying the great weather of the Caribbean.

  1. Oasis hotels = foam party.


We don’t want to brag, but absolutely no one in Mexico organizes parties like ours. Not for nothing are we the authority on Springbreakand our foam parties are absolutely legendary, whether you’re in an adults-only pool at Grand Oasis Sens or celebrating Springbreak at Grand Oasis Cancun, if you like to party, this is an activity you can’t miss.

  1. Specialty dinners.


As mentioned before, at Oasis Hotels & Resorts we are passionate about gastronomy, regardless of labels, we love food, that’s why in our different hotels and our different concepts, you can find molecular food, Asian and Mexican unions, Nikkei food, gastrobars with tapas and much moreWhen you stay with us, don’t eat just for hunger, live a true culinary experience, and discover flavors you never imagined.

  1. Crazy Hot Coyote.


At Oasis we wanted to bring all the entertainment and quality of the artists that make up this group to everyone, guests or locals, you may not have been lucky enough to stay with us, but that is no reason for you to miss out on the entertainment.he most incredible cabaret style shows in Mexico, with that spicy touch that characterizes us and with the quality of service that only we know, Crazy Hot Coyote, is our gift to the world, because it is so good, we could not keep it just for ourselves.

  1. Kinky Pirate Show.

IMG_0899 copia

As mentioned before, if you are not staying with us, it is really a pity because you are missing out on so much, for example one of the biggest attractions in Cancun are the pirate ships of the Capitan hook, a tour of the Caribbean waters in a replica of a Spanish galleon, but with a very modern entertainment. If you are staying with someone else, you will have to pay to enjoy it, but if you stay with us, your ride on a real boat will be a real boat. pirate, it’s guaranteed, plus once on board, the Oasis style fun begins, so get ready for that sexy and spicy touch that we like to give to our entertainment, we assure you it will be a night hard to forget.

  1. Spa Sensoria.


We love to have fun, but we also love those little “me times” that turn vacations into a space not only of relaxation and comfort, but also of relaxation. Let yourself be pampered, detoxify from that night of drinking with a temazcal bath, soften your skin with an exfoliating treatment and simply forget about everything for a few hours, I assure you that when you return home, you will be grateful for having taken some time just for you.

  1. Oasis Jazz U


It is no secret that we are passionate about culture, every year we carry out through our foundation different activities that promote culture and art in the city and state. Concerts, exhibitions, conferences and more, are part of the permanent cultural program that our company promotes. And at the top of this cultural proposal we find the Jazz Festival of Oasis hoteles & Resorts, this festival brings together world-class artists every year in a unique festival that can also be considered the father of the Riviera Jazz Festival, which was born after Hurricane Wilma passed through Cancun, making it impossible to be held in Cancun and moving it to Playa del Carmen. Later, the original festival was brought back to life by Oasis and now resumes the importance and presence it has had during all the years it has been held.

  1. Spring break.


If we get carried away with clichés, we may come to think that a Spring break festival is only about partying and having fun, and, although of course the main objective of our long Spring break is to show the thousands and thousands of young people who attend each year a good time, it is actually much more than that. Every year the festival attracts fabulous artists who are icons of today’s youth.  Artists such as Snoop Dog, Dirty South, DVBBS and many more have shined on the majestic stage of our beach club, just ask anyone, we simply make the best events in all of Mexico.

  1. Simply the Beach.


We can stay talking all day about our offer, we definitely consider ourselves unique, but if there’s one thing that can overcome our efforts it’s mother nature, sometimes, nothing is something worth doing. Just enjoy the sea from your room, from a bed in the pool, from the sand or in the water, we assure you that the colors of the Caribbean and that soft white sand that does not get hot will make all the difference, forget about everyone, relax and enjoy a cold drink while you give color to your skin and your heart.

These are our favorites at Oasis Hotels, but what do you think? Let us know what activity you enjoyed the most during your last vacation.

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